@Ingeniuslean are specialists in designing and developing the workplace to support making management objectives clear and how to act in situations. We apply the principles set out by the Toyota Production System and our philosophy is embedded in the following vision:

“Make your workplace into a showcase that can easily be understood by anyone at a glance. In terms of Quality, it means to make defects immediately apparent. In terms of Quantity, it means that progress or delay, measured against the plan, is made immediately apparent. When this is done, problems can be discovered immediately and everyone can initiate improvement plans.” - Taiichi Ohno

 Ingenius Lean Process Management

Typically our activity includes the following:

  • Set the basic Rules and Standards for Floor Management
  • Visualise Abnormality quickly
  • Train How to act with Abnormality
  • Make Management Objectives Clear
  • Develop & Visualise Daily Tasks for All Levels
  • Develop Problem Solving Capability on Shop Floor
  • Prevent Problems with Proactive Activities
  • Develop Management Support on the Shop Floor

Shop Floor Management

Ingenius Lean Management

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