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Establishing the company vision is an important task that requires careful consideration. To achieve the vision, the right strategy and approach is fundamental. @Ingeniuslean are experts in developing a clear, precise approach to help in achieving a Lean Business Transformation.

@Ingeniuslean has supported many  companies to create a sustainable competitive advantage by achieving  world class operating performance combined with ability and agility to respond quickly to changes.

Ingenius Lean Transformation

Our range of services within Business Transformation includes:

  • Transformation to a lean organisation
  • Development of Strategies for the main functional areas (ie. Production, Logistics, People, etc.) and administrative areas (i.e Finance)
  • Identification of the Key Business Metrics with a targeted improvement approach
  • Mentoring and development of management and staff to achieve a measurable and lasting change in their performance and attitude
  • Business and organisation overview with restructuring in mind
  • Business and Process optimisation for one or multiple value chains


Lean Transformation

Ingenius Lean Transformation

Ingenius Lean Transformation Approach 

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Lean Transformation

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