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As companies embark on a strategy to adopt and implement a Lean Approach, the initial step is to create a Lean Foundation.  Investing in the organisational learning allows for a firm base to move forward and create sustainability.

The foundations for success of any organisation are built upon the skills and motivation of its people. Developing Individuals' and creating powerful teams  enables them to drive their own performance and achieve success.

Ingenius Lean Academy

When your organisation understands the principles of Lean, this enables and taps into the potential of your people whilst creating involvement and ownership on the whole Lean Approach.

We help our clients to identify what   Lean Skills are required, based on their processes, current knowledge and vision to  achieve their Goals and World Class Performance excellence through inspiring and coaching of their people.

As an example, @Ingeniuslean supported a globally recognised Power Tool manufacturer  to develop its people by creating a  bespoke Lean Academy. The Lean Academy gave the organisation a deep and relevant understanding of Lean through a progressive combination of theory and practical applications. This Lean Academy standard is now planned to be rolled out around the globe in locations such as China and the USA.

The Lean Academy

Ingenius Lean Academy


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