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The @Ingeniuslean Factory is an ideal approach to how a Factory, Process or Organisation should operate based upon the application of the Toyota Way, the Principles of the Toyota Production System and application of Toyota Kata principles. When developing organisations and their workplace, we apply the principle quoted by Taiichi Ohno:

Make your workplace a showcase that can be easily understood by anyone at a glance. In terms of Quality, it means to make defects immediately apparent.
In terms of quantity, it means that progress or delay, against the plan, is made immediately apparent.
When this is done, problems can be discovered immediately and everyone can initiate improvement activities.
- Taiichi Ohno

Our Factory and how we set up our organisation assists in addressing the challenges faced by many companies. The @Ingeniuslean factory includes :

  • Creating a shared Vision and Strategy.
  • Developing ownership by the employees
  • Problem solving immediately at the point, the source of the problem.
  • Installing self Management principles and practices
  • The development of people to achieve the right results.

Take a look at the different aspects of the @Ingeniuslean Factory

Ingenius Lean Solutions

Shop Floor Observation

If we create a shop floor that shows abnormality immediately, we must create the management culture to observe the actual condition and support improvement. Consistent Leadership and management presence is required.


Develop Teamwork

The team should contribute to the company’s overall goals linked via the KPI Tree. The team works towards continuous improvement whilst involving everyone.


Self Management

Create transparent systems and give the tools to allow teams to understand, manage and improve their own performance and destiny.


Teaching New Skills

Toyota says “ Make people before Products” – Invest in your people to create highly skilled and motivated teams.


Performance Ownership

The creation of ‘Real Time’ results, analysis and performance systems supports quick reaction and ownership. This removes discussing yesterdays results and focusses on improving immediately.


Implementing Production Systems

The development of the systems, methods and tools to enable a lean manufacturing process focussing on the elimination of waste always.


KPI Tree

Clarifying Vision, Strategy and direction is key to starting the Improvement Phase. The KPI tree shows what should be achieved at every level. It creates focus and influences behaviour.


Develop People

To create a positive attitude towards self improvement, we must develop our people and their skills. Problem solving is key to maintaining the willingness of self improvement within the organisation.


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