@Ingeniuslean Approach : Toyota KATA

Vision & Strategy

  • Clarifying Expectation
  • Clear Communication
  • Concise, Managed Plan

KPI Tree

  • Business drivers identified
  • Organisation goals clear
  • Transparent Performance
  • Accountability at all levels

Process Improvement

  • KPI Tells us where to Improve
  • Immediate Business Impact
  • Rapid Improvement through Workshops
  • Elimination of Waste

Daily Management

  • Supports Sustainability
  • Go & See Mentality
  • Mentoring Process
  • PDCA Cycle


Lean Leader

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Ingenius Lean Solutions


Vision & Strategy

How you define your approach to improvement is the most critical part of a Transformation.

  • Status of the Business identified
  • Creating the Direction of the Change Effort
  • Support in the development of Strategies to achieve the Vision
  • Reinvigorate the Change Process by supporting new projects, themes and Change Agents
  • Develop & Clarify the organisations objectives & steps to implement its Strategy – Master Schedule

Ingenius Lean Vision

KPI Tree

The link from Strategy & Vision to Performance must be translated into what drives the business – Results & Activity measures.

  • Status of the Business identified & communicated to all from Top to Bottom
  • Process Tranparency – We can see our Problems !
  • We can then control and improve
  • Where to Focus is very Clear
  • Each measure is linked directly to achieving the Vision

Ingenius Lean KPIIngenius Lean KPI

Process Improvement

The whole purpose of a Transformation is to improve. Now that the business performance is clear, the improvement, lead by @Ingeniuslean is the focus. We assure Rapid development of performance & people. By identifying & Eliminating Waste we expect to :

  • Reduce operating costs
  • Improve profitability
  • Reduce the overall lead times
  • Improve capacity and on-time delivery
  • Increase process flexibility
  • Improve productivity and efficiency
  • Reduce investment required
  • Improved space utilisation
  • Increased employee involvement

Ingenius Lean ProcessIngenius Lean Process

Daily Management

Daily Management or Shop Floor Management is critical to sustaining the improvements gained. Identifying and Visualising critical operating areas & creating the Management Systems is a key part of the Transformation.

  • Visualise & control – PDCA cycle
  • Live Monitoring, Live Reaction
  • Ability to Judge Performance Immediately
  • Clear countermeasures and follow up
  • Creation of Process or Shop standards to highlight problems quickly

Ingenius Lean ManagementIngenius Lean Management


A Successful Lean Transformation requires a strong foundation. Developing the organisation is key to this approach. Individuals are required to drive performance, lead others and achieve the business goals. We pride ourselves in creating self driven performance excellence by developing people wherever we work. We focus on developing :

  • Attitude and Approach
  • Lean Behaviours
  • Process Knowledge and skills
  • Core Skills Training & Development
  • Empowerment
  • Teamwork

Ingenius Lean Strategy

Lean Leader

If you are looking to Create Leaders for the future who are able to manage the Transformation into a Lean Organisation, @Ingeniuslean Coaching & Mentoring by our highly experienced team of leaders will help pull the whole transformation process together and develop the team by :

  • Analysing current Leader activities
  • Develop clear roadmap to transfer knowledge and working methods
  • Create relevant projects to gain improvement both in business & Leader
  • Coach how to manage & react in a Lean environment

Ingenius Lean Leadership

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