@Ingeniuslean goes Global

@Ingeniuslean has established a joint venture with two major organisations to create a partnership and presence in many types of industry and manufacturing locations worldwide.

Our initial partner is a supplier of machine tooling, fastening technology and process design. They are a major partner to major OEM’s in the Automotive, Transportation, Off Road and many other types of General Industry from fast paced, high volume to bespoke, one off process manufacturers.

Our second partner specialises in the maintentance industry. They are a leading organisation in supplying, designing and managing maintenance programmes for industries such as Railroad, Public Transport and Manufacturing. Included in their customers are Continous Process Industries such as the Food, Pharmaceutical and Energy industries.

Our Strategy to create this Tri – Partnership is to support clients to be able to:

  • Develop and Install Lean Processes within their facilities either Greenfield or existing
  • Provide the right equipment to support Lean Process Design
  • Develop Lean Factory and Process Design from Concept, installation and future support
  • Develop and Coach the organisiation in Lean Methods
  • Create the right management systems to sustain the Lean Processes

These partnerships will ensure that @Ingeniuslean and our clients can be supported in any location worldwide with offices in most major capital cities.

Global Partnership

Ingenius Lean Global Partnership

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Global Partnership

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