@Ingeniuslean has been asked to coach and develop the new organisation at a €800 Million greenfield facility….

Our Client is a Globally recognised vehicle OEM who already have an established production system focussing on Lean Methods and reducing lead times. Their goal was to develop its organisation, at all levels, in Lean Leadership & Manufacturing with the key principles of daily management within a Lean Production System. Our challenge was to enable its organisation, with the investment in Lean Knowledge, to be able to:

  • Understand the link between their role and the overall company vision and strategy.
  • Establish the correct KPI measurement systems
  • Create the visual management systems plant wide
  • Drive the daily business to achieve targets
  • React correctly to abnormal conditions
  • Apply the correct level of Problem solving techniques.
  • Implement all aspects of the existing Lean Production System.


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Our is approach, which is in progress, is as follows:

  1. Develop a ‘Shop Floor Management’ training academy utilising an off line simulated factory with situational role plays.
  2. Detailed analysis of each Leader to assess current knowledge and expertise. This then assists in the formulation of projects to support the development process.
  3. One to One mentoring on the shop floor with constant advice and coaching on the actions and decision making process.
  4. Identify critically important business areas and develop management systems to maintain good performance.

This activity is already identified as the Global benchmark within this highly successful organisation with many more plants requiring the expert support of @Ingeniuslean.

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