Case Study: Bespoke Lean Academy


Our Client is a Globally recognised OEM, supplying power tools to every industry type in every continent. Their strategy was to develop its organisation, at all levels, in Lean Manufacturing and the key principles of a Production System. Their goal was to enable its organisation, with the investment in Lean Knowledge, to be able to:

  • Develop its Product Research and Design organisation to create tools that support Lean Manufacturing.
  • Implement a Lean Production System within its many manufacturing facilities.
  • Support its sales organisation by giving them the knowledge and skills to offer the right products and services within its customer’s organisations.
  • Offer its Customers Lean Training at their new Academy.

Our Approach

Ingenius Lean Academy Bespoke Lean Academy

@Ingeniuslean Lean consultants conducted a Deep Dive and Gap Analysis on the level of Lean Knowledge and Activities within the complete organisation including Product Design, Manufacturing and Sales. Included in the the detailed analysis was an in depth workshop with all board members and strategy makers. @Ingeniuslean supported and guided the company in developing a clear and measureable Strategy and Action Plan. @Ingeniusleans also visited many of the companies customers to understand what level of Lean was also applied in their processes utilising the clients products and therefore, highlighting what direction Product Design can adopt Lean and allowing the sales organisation to offer the right products.

The @Ingeniuslean Solution

Ingenius Lean Academy The Lean Approach

@Ingeniuslean, after completing the Deep Dive and Gap analysis developed a clear strategy to :

  1. Enable the companies growth in Sales and Service products by incorporating Lean Thinking and Knowledge into the Products developed by the client.
  2. Allow the company to create a Lean Consulting division offering further support at their customer base enabling the development of Lean processes.
  3. Adapt Lean Manufacturing principles into their many manufacturing facilities worldwide.

The Initial Phase of the strategy was to develop a world class training facility at its headquarters. The training was developed to give a hands on practical approach to improving processes over a 3 day training programme. The training focussed on applying and implementing:

    • Identifying & Eliminating waste
    • Workplace Organisation (5S)
    • Working to Standards Developing a PULL process & Takt
    • Shop Floor Management & Visualisation
    • Built in Quality
    • Lead Time Reduction

The Second Phase of the strategy was to offer Lean consulting services to the clients customer base. Initially, @Ingeniuslean would act as the internal consulting division whilst developing and growing the clients organisation to stand alone and offer consulting and training services to its wide ranging customer portfolio.




As a result of the first phase, the training programme, Lean Knowledge is significantly imroved across the organisation with a further 1100 employees planned to be trained. The Product Development has now built into its design process, the voice of the Lean Customer, developing products to support the reduction of waste in the processes.Further Lean Academies are currently being built and implemented around the world. Lean Projects are now in progress within its own manufacturing facilities focussing on improving Quality and productivity. The Lean Consultancy division is now developing and supporting its client base on their own Lean journey.

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