@Ingeniuslean were invited to review a large maintenance process within the transportation industry. In the feedback review, one senior manager offered his opinion:

“ Lean Methods and Business Transformation Approaches are typically associated with short cycle, continuous processes and are difficult to apply to other industries so, its harder to apply these principles of Improvement within our workplace”

We have now accepted the challenge to change his and many other employee’s perception.

Our initial observations when making our deep dive reviews of their facilities and its organisation found items such as :

  • Worker apathy to the current status, without leadership to improve
  • The working environment and conditions didn’t provide the feeling of ‘a great place to work’
  • The overall operations status was difficult to judge for management resulting in wrong and late decisions
  • Working practices and methods were without standards resulting in variable output and performance
  • Equipment availability due to breakdowns and preventative maintenance systems outdated or unavailable


Ingenius Lean MethodsIngenius Lean Methods

With this in mind, @Ingeniuslean have developed a major transformation activity to create a maintenance business that achieves the following:

    • Clear plant visualisation ‘ a place for everything, everything in its place’ mentality
    • Live information of plant status : what should be happening, what is actually happening
    • Business Metric improvements

Our clients major goal in this project is to ensure the co-operation and inclusion of its workforce to support a long term improvement strategy.
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