Case Study: Long Cycle, Heavy Maintenance Optimised

Our Client is a Globally recognised first tier organisation, supplying Cast Engine parts to many Vehicle manufacturers. Their problem to tackle was to reduce the amount of internal and external defects. This problem, was constraining the company and causing high overtime and excessive costs to maintain supply to their customers. The main cause of the defects was already identified to be the condition and performance of their Dies and Moulds. The availability of the Dies was a major issue and the turnaround time of dies in maintenance was identified as an area to improve.


Case Study: Business Transformation – Benchmark Shop Floor Management (Toyota KATA)

Our Client, a Leading Automotive Manufacturer, has a vision to be the Number One Carmaker globally. They have an excellent level of Lean Production System applications in most of its plants around the world. The next step in its roll out was to develop a management system that links the local plant shop floor performance directly to the central company Strategy, Business Plans and Targets. To create a Benchmark Shop Floor Management system that improves the overall plant performance was the challenge given to @Ingeniuslean. The project targets given to @Ingeniuslean were as follows:

  1. Create the link from the top company vision, Master Schedule (Hoshin) and targets centrally to the actions and results of the individual teams locally in the plant.
  2. Create a Policy Deployment method to ensure the activities at the local plant supported the Global Vision & Strategy.
  3. Improve the plant performance through shop floor management techniques and problem solving projects.
  4. Build into the company management appraisal system objectives and targets linked to the from the shop.


Case Study: Cultural Transformation on Long Cycle Process

Our Client, a Leading Global Transmission Manufacturer, with a passion for excellence, produces large turbine products within a global network of 18 facilities. They aspired to become the company pathfinder in applying a Lean Business Transformation within their facility. Their products have long lead times due to their size, complexity and variation. Their workforce is highly skilled and considered their processes to be dependent upon their skills and knowledge.


Case Study: Bespoke Lean Academy

Our Client is a Globally recognised OEM, supplying power tools to every industry type in every continent. Their strategy was to develop its organisation, at all levels, in Lean Manufacturing and the key principles of a Production System. Their goal was to enable its organisation, with the investment in Lean Knowledge, to be able to:

  • Develop its Product Research and Design organisation to create tools that support Lean Manufacturing.
  • Implement a Lean Production System within its many manufacturing facilities.
  • Support its sales organisation by giving them the knowledge and skills to offer the right products and services within its customer’s organisations.
  • Offer its Customers Lean Training at their new Academy.



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