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Kevin Garvey
Director, @Ingeniuslean Solutions

It is not just our expertise regarding Lean Methods and Lean Business Transformation that sets us apart. It is more than anything the people who work for us.

We are definitely not Management Consultants.
We are experienced operational people who are experts in running, improving and sustaining performance within all types and sizes of companies.

Plant Director Toyota, Head of Production VW, Global Lean Deployment Leader VW Group are some of the people who are in our team. All of our consultants have solid industry experience behind them. Which is why we know what’s important to an organisation and more importantly, what’s not important.

Our team combines technicians, engineers, business experts, master craftsmen, trained instructors and operational leaders. This mix is unusual for a typical management consultancy, but we are not a typical management consultancy.

This is what makes us different!


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